Albino girl saved from witchcraft trade


Dar Es Salaam: The Toronto Sun reported the tale of a lucky escape for one young Tanzanian girl, who was apparently snatched by a gang of criminals. The twist in this story is that the main perp was a member of the girl’s own family.

Authorities in Tanzania have been aiming to crack down on crime which involves the illegal (obviously) use of albino body parts by witchcraft practitioners. According to the Sun’s report, witch doctors may pay up to US$75,000 for a ‘full set’ of albino body parts – no doubt making life quite frightening indeed for all of those living with Albinism in the country, thought to be around one in every 1,400 people (a markedly higher rate than the world average of 1 in every 20,000). According to UN figures, up to 75 albinos have been murdered in Tanzania since 2000. At least this case had a relatively happier ending – police posed as prospective buyers after the child was snatched, and were able to rescue the poor girl and take her nasty family member into custody.